Why would a third-party contingency recruiter post an employer’s job on a job-board? This always has me scratching my head. Most often when companies utilize a third-party recruiting agency, they are assuming the agency will produce candidates that they (the employer) wouldn’t be able to find on their own and that’s the service recruitment agencies/search-firms bring and that’s why an employer would pay a fee.

It’s true that some recruitment service offerings provide different levels of service such as just managing the recruitment process rather than direct recruiting, that makes sense. But if an employer is paying a sizable fee to a contingency recruiter and that recruiter is just posting a job on job boards, I don’t see the value there.

I see it quite often where an employer is posting a job on a job board and directly below I see the same job posting by a recruiter. Aren’t they then competing for the same candidate? Do employers know this and does it matter to them?

Again, there are many different service levels that recruitment firms offer today so it may make sense to post on job boards in some of those service levels. But if employers are utilizing a contingency service where the recruiter earns a fee by placing a candidate with your organization are you getting your money’s worth when they send you a candidate that applied to their job posting on a job board?

I’ve had an employer ask me to post their opening on a job board, and that’s fine when it’s a request by the employer, but when I see both the employer and the agency recruiter posting the same job on the same job board, I just don’t get it. I’d love to hear how employers feel about this?

Employers? Any thoughts on this?