Sourcing Services

Our sourcing and prescreening services deliver qualified resumes right to your inbox, saving time and recruitment costs.  Sourcing services support the efforts of hiring managers, HR executives, and internal recruiters.

Talent sourcing is a cost-effective way to find candidates, typically saving clients well over half the cost of an agency placement fee along with thousands of dollars in job board subscriptions and membership fees.

Our services include:

-Job Boards Resume Search
-Social Media Sourcing
-Resume Data Mining
-Passive Candidate Recruiting
-Candidate Research and Intelligence
-Diversity and Inclusion
-Resume Review
-Targeting competitors
-We can provide initial resumes for review typically within 24 hours.
-Structured Phone Screen Interview

Fees are based on the complexity of the position and the number of job titles we would be sourcing for. We do not charge per resume, our fees are per month of sourcing, you retain and can use all resumes received from us.

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