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Organizational culture fit is the glue that holds an organization together. Overall fit to an organization’s culture is central to selecting a great candidate. Employees who don’t fit within the environment generally leave to find a work environment or culture which is more in-line with their own values and beliefs. A candidate that is a good cultural fit would be able to comfortably work in an environment that matches their own beliefs, values, and needs.

For many organizations, the first challenge is to identify what their true organizational culture is. Our Full Spectrum Recruitment Service provides companies a look into their organizational culture through an Organizational Culture Survey.
Marketing your employment brand is just as important for your organization as marketing your products and services. Because people are so connected online there’s a lot that can be done to target active and passive candidates with a good marketing strategy.
We develop a marketing strategy that best exhibits your employment brand and culture.

Organizational Culture Assessment.
Company Career Page
Digital Advertising/marketing campaign

What’s in a Name

If you’ve ever been contacted by a recruiter about a great opportunity you may have a felt a bit frustrated when you inquired of the name of the employer only to be told, “I can’t disclose this at this point”.  A recruitment firm working on a contingency basis is often reluctant to disclose the employer name right away because a potential candidate may decide to just go and apply to the employer directly, thus eliminating our fee, again, we’re working for free. This happens from time-to-time

This happens from time-to-time, even with “high-level professionals”; we had a bank CFO go around us after telling us he wasn’t interested in the bank, he started working there shortly thereafter. His reasoning was that he would get a higher salary if they didn’t have to pay a fee.

With our Full Spectrum Search, we require a commitment from our client so we can fully market the opportunity and the company. We require part of the fee up-front, when a hire is made we subtract this amount from the earned fee. If a hire doesn’t take place the up-front portion of the fee is not refunded. This provides both the recruitment firm and the employer the commitment and tools needed for a successful placement.