Where are the top candidates?

They’re at their desks working… …and we find them for you.

This is what Talent Network Group is all about.  Top performers are quite often not the ones looking for their next job. We source and identify top performers, follow our proven methods to match them to the right position & fit for the company and secure them for you, our client.


 Direct Hire

Direct Hire Recruitment Services is the permanent placement of candidates and the most common use of recruitment firms. Working on a contingency fee basis, no fee is earned unless you hire one of our referred candidates.

Our fee structure is based on a percentage of the annualized salary of the individual we place.  While we don’t anticipate any of our placed candidates be terminated or leave the organization, we do however provide a guarantee period as this is found to be a customary consideration in any third party search firm agreement. Our guarantee period is 60 calendar days from start date.

The right candidate is a reflection of your company’s culture and core values, which is why we work hard to get to know you first. Our proven process ensures that we recognize all the qualities you need in a new employee.


Temporary Staffing Solutions

Temporary Staffing Solutions is a workforce strategy used for a wide variety of reasons. Temp services are commonly used when a company’s needs are to fill a vacancy on a temporary basis, to cover an employee’s leave or where there’s a temporary rise in business that can’t be handled by normal staff levels.
No longer are temp hires limited to entry-level roles. The fastest growth in temporary employment is occurring in professional and technical occupations.


Sourcing Services

Our sourcing and prescreening services deliver qualified resumes right to your inbox, saving time and recruitment costs. Sourcing services support the efforts of hiring managers, HR executives, and internal recruiters.


Managed Recruitment Services

Managed Recruitment Services is when a company outsources the entire or a portion of their recruitment process. This model takes the recruitment and puts it in the hands of recruitment experts who are committed to filling your positions with the right candidates. Talent Network Group becomes an extension of your company and provides a seamless representation of your employment brand to potential new hires.

Through economies of scale, this model can be very efficient, often reducing hiring costs by 20% – 50%, reducing time-to-fill and increase candidate quality.
Managed Recruitment fees typically will contain a cost-per-hire component along with an upfront implementation and management fee. Fees will vary depending on number of positions needed to be filled, complexity, and mixture of positions.

Managed Recruitment Services is a flexible model that expands and contracts around the needs of the business, which is a huge strategic, financial and operational advantage for an organization.