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We are employment consultants that take very seriously the job we do, and we understand the effect it can have on the success of organizations and the people that entrust us with helping them find the best place to work. Our approach transcends the stereotypical headhunter approach of “more is better.” Instead we utilize our vast experience and network to source and secure the candidate that will best fit into the value of each specific corporate client. We serve a variety of industries. Some areas of specialization include: banking, marketing, sales, and corporate services.

  • Experience & Process

    Through years of experience, we have a well developed process that facilitates great hiring.

  • Our Network

    Our vast network of top talent and referral sources provides us with large outreach.

  • Marketing The Opportunity

    We understand that to secure top talent, effective marketing is paramount. We take the time to learn about your company's culture and what makes a good fit.

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